Chi Energy

These shaman engineered tools have been called the "energy tools" of the future -- on the cutting edge.

These tools bring the product, the person or the environment into resonance with the basic free energy of the universe. 

Acting like an antenna transceiver to the life giving force of the universe, the frequencies, these Chi Energy Patterns then radiate an energy field. This energy field resonates a balance, a harmony in keeping with the intentions, the purpose for people, places or things.

Chi Energy Patterns are inspired by Don Gerrard and his book, The Paper Doctor.

Pendulum Dowsing

Draw on ancient wisdom to reawaken and uncover the truth as you tap into your body’s natural subtle energies as we make the smallest to life changing choices every day. 

Learn new ways to approach old problems, whether it’s buying the right brand of aspirin or deciding where to go on vacation, Dowsing is the resource you need. 

Discover Color

Bring color into your world and use it to save time and money.

Become aware of the potency of color as it relaxes, stimulates or even warms you. Causing changes in attitudes and shifts in emotion when the surrounding spectrum switches.  Color -- it can heal body, mind, and spirit.

A full spectrum  of Dinshah Spectro-ChromoTherapy  with multiple uses.