Pendulum Dowsing

 WHY Pendulum Dowsing Saves You Time and Money!

When Using a Pendulum you:

  • Identify and locate energies
  • Seek Truth 
  • Access your intuition 
  • Get stimulated by ideas 
  • Turn on your creativity 
  • Move "in the flow" 
  • Expand your mind 
  • Discover new possibilities 
  • Experience amazing success
WHAT of dowsing
You live in a WORLD OF VIBRATIONS, energies or frequencies. Your body, your plants and your home are all part of this environment. The foods you eat, the water you drink and the medicines you take all have a vibration. So if you are really curious you may want to begin to explore these elements of your environment. Why, you     ask? Well these energies can enhance or diminish your well being. These vibrations are known as the world of subtle energies.   PENDULUM DOWSING WILL ASSIST YOU IN EXPLORING EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR WORLD  Dowsing means to search. It is       about exploring, discovering and finding answers. Through dowsing you will learn to identify, locate and transform energies as you connect with these subtle energy fields. With dowsing you will ask questions to       explore, expand and evolve your world. It is by building your own unique inquiring structure that you will evolve a form, focus and function.  If you want, you can learn techniques that will become a part of an ever-evolving source of stimulation in the visible and invisible dimensions of energy. Maybe you will learn to dowse, to use the pendulum or to get a sense of, a sensation of something different as you ask questions.📷  Time to Begin!     
HOW to begin
MAKE A PENDULUM      You will begin by making your pendulum, one of the tools used in dowsing/bio-detection. Take     a ring or crystal on a string/chain about 4 to 6 inches long. This is your     pendulum.  
HOLD THE PENDULUM by the     string/chain, between your thumb and first finger of your dominate hand.     Draw a 3’ x 3” + on a piece of paper. N/S is YES and E/W is NO. Swing the     pendulum along the N/S axis and say, “ this is my YES”. Do the same along     the E/W – NO axis. This will program your response for future questions.     You may need to do this a few times. 
 TO START your questioning swing the pendulum from 2 to 7 o'clock across the +. This will     get your pendulum in motion. Now ask a question with a YES or NO answer.  
BEGIN WITH QUESTIONS where     you know the answer, this will verify your Yes/NO. This is the process of     building trust in your pendulum and your answer.  
ASK MORE questions and allow the pendulum to swing over the + grid for answers. Once you have     verified your Y/N you are ready to begin exploring. Instruction  Are you Ready to:· Expand Your Mind?· Access Your Intuition?· Tap into Your Passion?
WRITE YOUR QUESTION Make the question clear and concise and  current time - now. This way you will know that the answer you receive is     to the question you asked. This is important in building trust in your     answers.     EXAMPLES: 

  • Is this vitamin beneficial for me now? 
  • Is this oatmeal safe and beneficial for my body          now?
  • Is the I-5 to I-805 the fastest and safest route to Bill's house now? 
  • Is this "___" plant food the best for my plants for the next 5 months?

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