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Sue Trumpfheller

Sue (Bacon) Trumpfheller grew up in Michigan and attended Michigan State University. Living in San Jacinto, CA, she is an author, coach, teacher, and has been a dowser for over 40 years. She has spoken at numerous dowsing societies and teaches color, dowsing, labyrinths.

Sue provides coaching to clients. While working with them, she assists them in their practice and empowers their decisions.  


  • 99 Ways to Use the Pendulum
  • Discover the Pendulum and Discover Color


Sue was awarded Dowser of the Year in 2003 by the American Society of Dowsers, serving as their trustee 1991-1993.

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Special Note

My blog, Energy Examiner is under development as I explore a new format. 

Personal Statment

"I work with guides, teachers, healers, shamans, diviners, wizards, and magicians. They are what I refer to as the Wise Ones.

The Wise Ones, for me, represent individuals of wisdom, curiosity and enthusiasm for all around them."

-Sue Trumpfheller