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About Us

Chi Energy

  These shaman engineered energy tools are designed to re-balance, restore and vitalize people and their environments to original wholeness. These are bioenergetics blueprints using sacred geometry, color and years of research including my background in math and science to develop these devices. These products are created to cause the user no harm.

Our goal is to enhance people and their environment as we work together to balance and transform. 

  We are working to  restore to original wholeness and vitality to be in harmony with the universe.

 Chi Energy Cards - these business card size tools work with the resonant energy of patterns and color.  They are laminated and intended to provide you years of repeated use.  Chi Energy Cards only need to be replaced if damaged.  

Pendulum Dowsing

  Open your senses up to the world around you through dowsing 

You’ll draw on ancient wisdom to reawaken as you tap into your body’s natural subtle energies as we make the smallest to life changing choices every day. Whether it’s buying the right brand of aspirin or deciding where to go on vacation, Dowsing is the resource you need. And, the best part is you learn new ways to approach old problems.

With the Pendulum Dowsing Series of books you’ll journey down many pathways as you unravel the challenges of every day living. You are faced with many advances in technology. The good news is that with your dowsing techniques and tools, you can stay ahead of the competition of these cutting edge techniques. Digging deep and going beyond boundaries you’ll explore how dowsing can have far reaching impacts on your lives. 

Dowsing assists in uncovering the truth.

Dowsing Coach

Sue Trumpfheller, an author, coach, teacher and a dowser for many years. She has spoken and teaches color, dowsing, labyrinths. Her books include 99 Ways to Use the Pendulum, Discover the Pendulum and Discover Color.  Sue uses intentions with her coaching clients to assist them and to empower their decisions.  

  I work with guides, teachers, healers, shamans, diviners, wizards and magicians.  They are what I refer to as the Wise Ones.

The Wise Ones, for me, represent individuals of wisdom, curiosity and enthusiasm for all around them. 

Sue was Dowser of the Year 2003 for American Society of Dowsers. She served as their trustee 1991-1993.  She lives in San Jacinto, CA. Contact her at if you have questions.

Sue (Bacon) Trumpfheller grew up in Michigan and attended Michigan State University.  My blog, Energy Examiner is under development as I explore a new format. 

Our Services

Chi Energy Products

These shaman engineered tools have been called the "energy tools" of the future --

on the cutting edge.

  These tools bring the product, the person or the environment into resonance with the basic free energy of the universe. 

Acting like an antenna transceiver to the life giving force of the universe, the frequencies, these Chi Energy Patterns then radiate an energy field. This energy field resonates a balance, a harmony in keeping with the intentions, the purpose for people, places or things.

 Chi Energy Patterns are inspired by Don Gerrard and his "The Paper Doctor" book. 

Pendulum Dowsing Products

  Seeking the truth?

Needing Answers?
Investigating a perplexing issue?

Identifying a specific location of water, gold or a lost item.

Finding your best remedy, health associate or plumber, use your pendulum.
Pendulum Dowsing will assist you.

This site, these books, 

through Ancients Tools, 

will provide you with the techniques required for you to DISCOVER 

the answers you seek.
You have come to the right place as you explore the areas of your life and ask the “correct” questions—

Open your senses, your intuition, to the world around you through dowsing.

To Learn how to use the pendulum visit Education tab. 

See – Smell – Taste
Touch – Hear – Breathe Color

Discover Color

  See – Smell – Taste

Touch – Hear – Breathe Color

 Become aware of the potency of color as it relaxes, stimulates or even warms you   

Find new ways to bring color in your world and use it to save time and money.

  Notice changes in attitudes and shifts in emotion when the surrounding spectrum switches.  Color -- it can heal body, mind and spirit.

A full spectrum  of Dinshah Spectro-ChromoTherapy  with multiple uses

Energy Examiner

House Clearing


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Experiencing disruptions, strange behaviors, strange energies? It may be earth, geopathic or electromagnetic interference.  Let's check it out.?

Sue works with the energies within and surrounding your home or business.  Many corrections can be done immediately others will require devices (an additional expense) to achieve harmony and balance.

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