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Wine Lovers Delight

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Enjoy the Ultimate in Fine Wine

Savor the differences when you use Wine Lover's Delight as it:

  • Enhances the Flavor
  • Develops the Aroma
  • Enriches the Experience

The Wine-Lovers-Delight is Chi Energy embedded in glass beads.  This ring of glass beads is then placed around the neck of the wine bottle.  They derive their magic from quantum energy and ancient techniques long thought to be forgotten.
Reds, whites and blushes are all enriched by
Wine Lover's Delight™ - jewels for the wine connoisseur

"It really did make a difference. 
Firstly it was a lot richer, smoother and
we could really taste the flavours more clearly"  
Dot Struthers - London

Wine Lover's Delight's™ Chi Energy deepens your tasting experience. Simply place the energized ring around the neck of the bottle and viva la difference!


Years of use will not diminish the benefits of this remarkable product. 
You will find your guest remarking how delightful your choice of wine was for the meal or celebration. Delight even the most discriminating palate.

 Why do you use glass?  It is a clean template and the ideal place to imbue the chi energy pattern.  Crystals which are made up of various minerals have a yin/yang energy which can alter the intention and clarity of the pattern and intention. See the glass beads around the neck of the wine bottle in the picture.

 Impress your guest at your next party by purchasing Wine Lover's Delight today.  Buy extras for house warming gifts, anniversary celebrations or for that favorite person in your life.