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Discover the Pendulum

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Discover the Pendulum – A Full Spectrum Book on Pendulum Dowsing

Tips, Tools, Techniques that will advance your dowsing skills

Using stories, experiences and antidotes, Sue shares from her almost fifty years of pendulum dowsing to inspire and inform you.

For the beginner – the techniques of using a pendulum

For the gardener – questions to ask and ideas to explore

For the traveler – ask for the safest route or locations

For the business owner – hiring, product analysis and marketing

For the homeowner – create spaces for health and well being

For the explorer – discover gold, oil, water and more

Working out of the box? Explore the hidden, unseen and remote


A beginner?  The how-to from selecting a pendulum, asking questions and getting answers

Charts – How to use, read and create your own

Off the Charts – Find gold, locate noxious areas using -- Maps, Floor Plans, Invisible and beyond

Explore Chi Energies – Subtle Energies and the Unseen

Business – Analyze products, marketing techniques and improve communication

Home and Office – Create spaces supporting health and well being

Vehicles – Locate and assess repairs

Travel – Ways to make the best choice of routes and locations

 Labyrinths – Why dowsing is critical in laying out and creating one

Color – Essential in business, gardening and decorating your home