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How It Got Started

My Story – How it got started

 About Chi Energy Patterns

Chi, Qi, Orgone, prana, etheric and subtle energies are words that define and describe those unseen energies that surround everything and fill the spaces of the universe.

Chi Energy Products work with these energies. They initiate changes in the life giving forces in an assigned arena. It may be in the refrigerator, water or wine, a person’s body or a defined space like the car.


The early Chi Energy patterns were created at the request of three gentlemen who wanted to enhance their energy drink without using a recently censored herb.

The experiment was successful, yet with the sudden death of the primary stakeholder, the project was abandoned. 


I was inspired by the stunning results and went on to create many more Chi Energy Patterns.  Most patterns, colors and designs are created at the request of individuals to meet challenges they are encountering. Some patterns like Fresh and Vital and Auto Alliance were created to meet my own needs. Each has a back story.


A Chi Energy Pattern is created to meet specific standards and ethics. Patterns are printed individually, not copied from other patterns.  Each one is hand constructed then laminated to preserve its integrity. 


The field of energy transmitted by each Chi Energy Pattern can be preserved in water, glass, woven bracelets, etc.. The length of preservation varies with the material.  For an example, a glass bead bracelet I built in the Spring of 2011 is still effective.   Patterns are never transmitted via the Internet as they can be distorted.


They can also be used like a radionic device and broadcast to a specific individual or address. I recommend monitoring frequency and time of broadcast.

Pendulum Dowsing Books


In about 1964 - 65 there was an article in Woman’s Day on how to use the pendulum.  I, Sue Trumpfheller, followed the instructions of making a pendulum and the how to get a yes/no answer.  I took it to my kitchen and checked for spoiled food and what was good for my husband and children to eat. 


I found some other books, taught others how to use the pendulum and my world was expanded.  Color entered my world in the early 80’s and then the American Society of Dowsers.  As time went on I then began to travel, speak, teach classes and write books on the many aspects of pendulum dowsing.  Now, 50 years later I am still teaching, speaking and writing.


My studies of alchemy, radionics, herbs, oils, Bach Flowers, homeopathy and many other modalities along with my degree in Mathematics guided me along the path of exploring subtle and chi energies.  This training expanded both my world of pendulum dowsing and etheric energies.  Understanding the ins and outs and the power of intention gave me the insight to write and develop additional products and books.

©Sue Trumpfheller 2016